APPROVED! March 2018 — Fremantle Old Police Satiation and Courthouse Precinct.

Until recently this site was owned by the state government. We’re lucky that the asset was sold quickly after the Police moved out, allowing utilisation and re-purposing of an otherwise dormant asset.

As you can see in the images below, the development will allow pedestrians to walk right through the previously fenced site which will encourage access to the amazing heritage buildings that have been hidden for decades. The newly created space will give new opportunity for unique retail and hospitality offerings, including a 68 bed hotel. There is also new office space within the development which will help us to create the 7 day trading economy in Fremantle.

A big win for Freo!

Before: Current view within the site.
After: The new design will allow pedestrian access right through the site.
Before: How the site currently looks.
After: How the site is proposed to look.
Site plan.

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Councillor for Fremantle City Ward

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