APPROVED! New apartments, accommodation and cafe for Queens Square

Adin Lang
2 min readNov 8, 2023


Impression of how the propsed cafe could interact with Queens Square.

Bringing new life and activation to Queens Square, approval was given to a four-storey mixed use development comprising Tourist development (8 units), 12 Multiple dwellings and Restaurant/café uses at №26 Parry Street, Fremantle.

The proposed works include:

  • Basement level: car parking (8 tandem bays) and storage areas
  • Ground floor: Café/Restaurant tenancy, car parking (14 bays including 1 ACROD bay), lobbies, landscaping communal amenities including: dining, kitchen, lounge, ‘business centre’ (meeting rooms), gym and swimming pool. (Note: all amenities and spaces are intended for the sole use of owners/occupiers/visitors of the units/dwelling, not for the general public)
  • First floor: 8 x Tourist Development Units (4 x one-bed; 4 x two-bed) and communal, accessible garden deck
  • Second and third floors: 12 x Multiple Dwellings (4 x one-bed; 8 x two-bed)
Showing location of the proposal relative to Queens Square.
Impression of the building from High Street.
Ground floor plan.

Interestingly, this is not the first approval for the site. See this older story from 2018:

More details of the plans can be seen here:

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