APPROVED! New life for a vacant North Fremantle block

Adin Lang
2 min readMay 4, 2022
Concept view of 108 Stirling Highway.

Council has approved two new developments at 108 & 110 Stirling Highway, North Fremantle. The developments are separate proposals from separate parties, approved across two planning committee meetings in April and May 2022.

Originally 110 Stirling Highway looked vastly different to what was proposed at the neighbouring 108 Stirling Highway and presented many overshadowing issues for surrounding homes (see images below). Following extensive consultation with the Planning Committee and Planning Staff, the developments have been designed to compliment each other and form a united street front for what is a landmark location in North Fremantle — a great result for the neighbourhood.

108 Stirling Highway, approved 6th April 2022 includes:

  • Alterations to existing upper floor ‘Caretakers unit’ to convert it into a ‘Multiple Dwelling’ with an additional floor;
  • Retention of the existing ground floor Shop (Pharmacy); and
  • Landscaping of front carpark
Concept view of 108 Stirling Highway.

110 Stirling Highway, approved 4th May includes:

  • Landscaping of front carpark
  • Construction of a two storey building with a Shop on the ground floor
  • Three Multiple dwellings on the first floor
  • Provision of common amenities and walkways throughout the development
  • Provision of a parking area to the rear of the site for Shop patrons, residents and visitors
How the site at 108–110 Stirling Highway currently looks.
Approved developments at 110–108 Stirling Highway
The original concept for 110 Stirling which was reviewed following Council discussion.
First floor apartment 108 Stirling Highway.

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