APPROVED! November 2018

Adin Lang
2 min readNov 8, 2018
The approved development at 7–15 Bannister Street, adjacent to the Hougoumont Hotel.

City of Fremantle Planning Committee has unanimously approved an creative addition to the Hougoumont Hotel.

Continuing with the sea container theme that exists on the upper levels of the hotel, an exciting cantilevered design will bring new life in the form of a restaurant/bar to the currently vacant site.

The dining area has been designed to cater for a maximum of 98 seats (74 internal and 24 external) persons. 15–18 full time staff members will operate from the entire premises at any one time (including accommodation, food and beverage components of business).

Hours of operation are to be consistent with the existing Hotel Accommodation which are Monday — Saturday 6am — 12am and Sunday — 10am — 12 am.

No live music is to be performed, with only background music to be played. Internal Dividing fences and internal walls have been shown on the plans to contain noise emissions during operating hours. Twenty (20) car parking bays are to be provided for the use of staff, with vehicle access to be via the existing crossover on the northern western side of the property.

The applicant has stated in their submission that the business is envisaged to operate for a period of 5 years until the second stage of the Hougoumont Hotel development is to be carried out .

How the site currently looks.