APPROVED! September 2019.

Adin Lang
2 min readSep 4, 2019

The 7-day economy in Fremantle continues to gain momentum with the City of Fremantle Planning Committee unanimously approving an exciting new office development.

The new building at 12 Josephson Street will be made of timber and include;

  • 5 storeys of commercial office space
  • Restaurant/small bar (ground floor)
Shows the ground floor bar/restaurant space

The application proposes a mass timber framed office development with an activated ground floor use. The design is based around the delivery of a sustainable development where all materials used in the construction are proposed from natural resources. A major component of the design is the integration of operable glass facades to circulate fresh air and deliver maximum sunlight to all levels ensuring all occupants are close to a natural light source. This design approach is intended to respond to studies that show workplaces that utilise natural materials such as wood, incorporating plant life and allow for natural light result in happier and more productive employees.

Current: Shows existing corner car park.
Future: Shows activated street front with new bar/restaurant.

Upper floors comprising approximately 1,895m² of office floor space with the potential to be divided into separate tenancies with shared amenities such as kitchens, bathrooms, bicycle parking, and lobbies.

Shows the internal view of the new office space.

For more information, please see our September Planning Agenda here: