Cheap Dinner Specials!! – Fremantle City

Recently I found myself looking for some weekday dinner specials across Freo and couldn’t find a comprehensive list – so in line with the theme, I’ve made one…cheap and cheerful!

*Not paid, just stumbled across these over the last couple of weeks.

*Note – drink level subtle indication of food delivery times 😉


Sail & Anchor


Barramundi + chips, including beer or house wine.


Federal Hotel


Half price mains.

Wednesday (option 1)




*Sells out really quickly!

Wednesday (option 2)

National Hotel


National Beef Burger, Steak Sandwich or Vegetable Stack Burger, all served with beer battered chips.

Thursday (option 1)

Freo Social


Dumplings – chicken or vegetable.

Thursday (option 2)

Australia Hotel


Burger, including beer or wine.

Friday Saturday Sunday

Old Shanghai


Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Burgers

*Freo institution, everyday prices – always a winner.

If you know any places I’ve missed, comment below and I’ll check their specials for the next edition of City Ward dinner specials! 😎✌️




Councillor for Fremantle City Ward

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Adin Lang

Adin Lang

Councillor for Fremantle City Ward

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