Fremantle Golf Course Clubhouse and Community Centre — one step closer

The City is currently designing a co-located clubhouse for Fremantle Public Golf Course and community facility on Montreal Street, Fremantle as part of the replacement works initiated by the Main Roads WA High Street upgrade project.

The site will provide amenity for three main purposes:

  • a golf clubhouse for the Fremantle Golf Course
  • a community centre for the Fremantle community
  • a café for the community and users of Booyeembara Park

Key to the success of the facility is its integration with and relationship to the Fremantle Public Golf Course and Booyeembara Park. The building and surrounding landscape designs are being coordinated to ensure an integrated and complementary precinct to support a range of functions and uses now and flexibility for the future.

On Wednesday the 11th of November the City of Fremantle voted unanimously to approve the Fremantle Golf Course Clubhouse and Community Centre — Schematic Design Report, and request officers progress with the detailed design and construction. It is expected that the design phase will be completed mid 2021, with tenders being advertised thereafter.

Images below depict the current concept and relationship to Montreal Street and Booyeembara Park in more detail.

Note: There are still more stages of the design process to pass through, so these designs are likely to see some minor changes.

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