Have your say — Fremantle Local Cat Law

Adin Lang
2 min readFeb 21, 2022


Fremantle Council has voted to initiate an amendment to the City of Fremantle Cat Management Local Law.

The purpose of the amendment is to to exercise the control of cats, powers which exist under the Cat Act 2011. The effect of the amendment is to better control nuisance cats and expand the prescribed areas in which cats are prohibited.

The amendment is intended to strengthen the cat management law by expanding cat prohibited areas to cover all property owned and managed by the City, including roads, verges, footpaths and car parks.

The City’s Cat Management Local Law 2020, which came into effect in June 2020, currently designates 12 areas within the City of Fremantle as cat prohibited areas, including parks, beaches, river reserves and golf courses.

The owner of a registered cat captured in one of the cat prohibited areas is subject to a $200 fine. The proposed amendment to the cat management law also includes provisions to deal with nuisance cats.

The definition of nuisance includes cats that create ‘an unreasonable interference with the use and enjoyment of a person of his or her ownership or occupation of land’ and ‘interference which causes material damage to land or other property’.

Please provide your comments on the proposed amendment by using our electronic submission form below. Submissions are welcomed from the public until 5.00pm Monday,11th April 2022 (as per the Local Government Act 1995 requirements).

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