How Reclink helps those in need, in Freo

Adin Lang
3 min readOct 7, 2021
Participants of The Fremantle Street Games with their new footy boots donated by the Stephen Michael Foundation

This weekend I’m playing in the Reclink Cup to help those in need around Freo who are doing it tough, but what’s it all about?

To most people the Reclink Cup might seem like a (very) amateur game of footy and torn hamstrings, however if we investigate a little further, you will see far reaching benefits to some of Fremantle’s most disadvantaged.

What the Reclink Cup is about?

The Reclink Community Cup, a much loved Aussie Rules charity match that pits musicians against media held annually in Melbourne and Sydney, is back for it’s sixth year in Western Australia on Saturday October 10th at Fremantle Oval.

How does game of footy helps some of Freo’s most disadvantaged?

Funds raised from ticket sales at the Reclink Cup help provide programs for some of Fremantle’s most disadvantaged members. Reclink Australia delivers specialist sport, recreation and arts programs for at-risk youth, people with mental illness or disability, people experiencing homelessness and domestic violence, and those facing alcohol, gambling and substance addictions.

Where the funds are spent — Freo Street Games

Kicked off in February 2019 through a partnership between Reclink, St Pat’s and the City of Fremantle, cash raised goes toward providing free weekly sporting programs for those in need, right here in Fremantle! See the video below:

Video: See what the Street Games is all about in Freo.

Held every Wednesday in Princess May Park, participants are involved in football, cricket and boxing to name a few.

Why is sport so important?

Mental health and physical health are intrinsically linked.

“Sport is the perfect vehicle to improve the lives of those experiencing complex disadvantage and social exclusion. Participation revives, nurtures and sustains an individual — while improving mental and physical health” — Reclink Australia

2020 Reclink Cup is the best yet!

Previously there has been a disconnect between those who play and those we play for.

For the first time ever, we will welcome participants from the Freo Street Games to the big stage for a feature match during the half-time break of the Reclink Cup.

How you can help!

Grab your tickets now — they’re only $15 and all profits go directly to supporting the great work done by Reclink Australia!

Even if you can’t make it along, grab a ticket to support the cause and help those in need across Freo.

See you on Sunday!

This year I’ll be the Captain for the mighty Newshounds.

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