Paddy Troy Mall set for facelift

Concept design for Paddy Troy Mall

I’m pleased to announce a project I’ve personally put many hours into has received a funding contribution from the RAC.

Following consultation with adjacent property owners over the last three years, a concept design was successfully presented to RAC for funding. Key themes emerged during consultation workshops including:

VISION “Encourage increased pedestrian movement, east-west, through clear lines of sight / connection each end. Further encourage/assist property and business owners to activate the rear of buildings and improve the connection with Paddy Troy Mall.”

The project is being delivered in partnership with RAC through its Reconnect WA initiative, which aims to create vibrant streets and public spaces for Western Australians to interact and connect with each other. This is the second year the City of Fremantle has applied for grant funding for this project.

Original designs of the Manning Building with no engagement with Paddy Troy Mall.

In addition to the funding from the RAC and City of Fremantle, strong collaboration with adjacent landowners will drive the success of this space in the future. Most notable is the Manning Building which was originally designed with no frontage to the Mall at all (see above). Through this collaboration, the Manning Building is now a showcase for future developments in this space.

Following collaboration with developers, the Manning Building engages the Mall and has more of a focus on pedestrians over cars.

The City of Fremantle’s contribution to the project involves the removal of parking bays within the mall to create more space for pedestrians and alfresco areas. There will also be upgrades to the lighting, additional landscaping and trees along the mall and the delivery of a prominent street art project.

Other notable improvements to the Mall include recent additions from Benny’s with their new beer garden and street art contributions (see below).

Below: Some images which capture changes to Paddy Troy Mall over the last two years, with more to come:

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