Pipes for Freo — Stage 2 update

Meeting with Wing Leung, Water Corporation Project Engineer.

A recent catch up with the project team from the Water Corporation suggests Stage 2 is on track but High Street is throwing up some challenges.

Beneath High Street (as we know it) lies years of history, but also layers of concrete and limestone aggregate which is proving tough for contractors — taking longer to cut through than first anticipated. The snapshot below captures these layers with some rough dates showing when this was our streetscape (if you know more accurate dates I’d love to know!).

Cross section showing layers of history beneath High Street.

Shop Local!

With COVID and construction, shopping local has never been more important. Please don’t forget businesses on High Street are open during construction and need our support.

Our traders are doing it tough

COVID — Silver lining

Leading into Stage 2 it was agreed with business owners, City of Fremantle and Water Corporation to take advantage of the COVID shutdown period and increase construction; adding Saturday to the construction schedule could save an extra 1 to 2 weeks.

Timeline of project as it currently stands 16th June 2020.
The construction site.

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Councillor for Fremantle City Ward www.facebook.com/AdinforFreoCity/

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Adin Lang

Adin Lang

Councillor for Fremantle City Ward www.facebook.com/AdinforFreoCity/

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