Taxi’s out, Alfresco in — New life for South Terrace

Adin Lang
3 min readSep 15, 2021


In an exciting move for Fremantle Markets, the City of Fremantle has approved alfresco seating on Fremantle’s iconic Cappuccino Strip by relocating the taxi rank and loading bay on South Terrace.

From the September 24th, Market traders will be allowed to spill out onto the pavement and enliven the dead spot on South Terrace. This proposal comes as a relief to Fremantle Markets traders who have been lobbying for an increase in alfresco seating to allow a space for customers to relax while they enjoy their retail experience at the markets.

Owner of Italiana: The Mediterranean Deli, Ersilia Festa, says being able to use the outdoor space could help realise her dream to give people a real experience of Italian culture. “It’s not just about food,” she says, “I want to provide music, art, painting and dancing.”

The taxi rank was created in 1999 as a place for customers to queue and wait for a taxi (at the time taxis in Perth were in very short supply). At times the line of people waiting for a taxi would extend from the Markets all the way back to the Sail and Anchor. The introduction of rideshare has seen the taxi rank switch in it’s purpose — it’s now a place where taxis queue for customers and this has been causing a conflict between cars, Market traders and pedestrians all vying for a space on the footpath.

Current: Pedestrians, cars and Market traders all trying to squeeze into the same space.

Where you can now find a taxi

There are three locations you will be able to catch a taxi from after the 24th of September listed below. Note: the City will review these locations and make changes/additions if required.

1. Esplanade Hotel, Marine Terrace.

Taxi rank outside Esplande Hotel, Marine Terrace

2. Adelaide Street, Walyalup Koort.

*This site is expected to get busier in the coming months as new businesses open and new apartments are completed.

Taxi rank outside Town Hall

3. Market Street, Fremantle Post Office

*Operational as a taxi zone between the hours of 6pm to 8am with the area being a loading zone and parking (as per existing use) at all other times.

Taxi rank outside Fremantle Post Office.

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