WA’s first mass timber-framed development — Construction announced!

Cut-open view of the new building on the corner of Josephson and High Street.

Fremantle will soon have an extra 2000m2 of premium office space via a unique timber framed building, helping drive our 7-day economy.

The new building at 12 Josephson Street (which was approved in 2019) will start construction in July and be completed late 2021. Features include;

  • 5 storeys of commercial office space

This follows Fremantle’s record $1.3 billion development pipeline that is either recently completed or under construction — on the back of record approvals (As seen in the graphic below).

Internal view of new building set for completion in 2021.
Future: Shows activated street front with new bar/restaurant.
Building relative location.
Record approval pipeline.

More info: http://www.yolkpropertygroup.com.au/harbour.html

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