We did it! Fremantle Council adopts most compressive cat law in WA

Adin Lang
2 min readMay 18, 2020

Fremantle Council has adopted a new local law to protect native wildlife from predation by cats.

The Cat Management Local Law designates 12 areas within the City of Fremantle as cat prohibited areas, including parks like Booyeembara Park and Sir Frederick Samson Park, beach and river reserves and golf courses.

Team of local legends who spoke at Council in September 2019 in support of the new law.

If any registered cat is captured in one of the cat prohibited areas the owner would be committing an offence and subject to a $200 fine.

It is a legal requirement in Western Australia that all domestic cats over 6 months old be sterilised, microchipped, wearing a tag in a public place and registered with their local government.

Cat stats from Wes Mountain/The Conversation, CC BY-ND

The new cat law will also require cat owners to have a permit to keep more than three cats.

When in effect, the law will be the most comprehensive of any cat law in WA — exercising as much jurisdiction that the State Government allows.

The new local law is now required to be published in the State Government Gazette, and will come into force 14 days after gazettal.

The 12 cat prohibited areas are:

  • Booyeembara Park
  • The Royal Fremantle Golf Course
  • The Fremantle Public Golf Course
  • Bathers Beach Reserve
  • Sir Frederick Samson Park
  • Cantonment Hill
  • Leighton Beach Reserve
  • Port Beach Reserve
  • Rocky Bay Reserve
  • North Fremantle Foreshore Reserve (including Prawn Bay)
  • South Beach Reserve
  • Hollis Park, Sandown Park and any other land within the boundary of the former South Fremantle landfill site

For more information visit the Responsible Pet Ownership page on the City of Fremantle website.

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